Tuesday, July 5, 2011

things that made me smile this weekend

- it was a long day friday, but the movers finally showed up 7:30pm and we finished at midnight. i smiled when the movers left and i could shower and go to bed.

- unpacking!

- attending the baptism for a young man in our congregation and watching his excitement.

- the red door of my new house. i've always wanted a red door.

- sitting in the backyard of a friend's house at a bbq on the 4th of july. few things in life are better than grilled hot dogs, potato salad and cold cherries for dessert. it was great food, good conversation and relaxation.

- catching up with a good friend on the phone. M1, we really must get together soon!

- cleaning my old apartment. it's nice to say goodby and thank you.

- setting up my wardrobe room. think walk-in closet... i'll be sure to share photos once it's done.

- sitting on my back porch watching fireworks for a few minutes.

- making my bed and then waking up in my new room.

- i have a bath tub! (my old place didn't.)

- watching the capitol's fireworks on tv, but hearing the live explosions bouncing off the buildings of the capitol hill neighborhood. so cool!

- the ending of the movie super 8. it made being scared all right. highly recommend this movie.

- good friends who helped me pack, offered to help me organize and had pizza for delivered to my house. thank you.

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Cha said...

Things that made me smile: reading my blog that you maybe could come to Austin!!!!!!!! I miss you and would love to see you. Thanks for sharing your smiles.