Thursday, January 31, 2013

thoughtful thursday: imperfection

“No human face is exactly the same in its lines on each side, no leaf perfect in its lobes, no branch in its symmetry. All admit irregularity as they imply change; and to banish imperfection is to destroy expression, to check exertion, to paralyze vitality. All things are literally better, lovelier, and more beloved for the imperfections which have been divinely appointed, that the law of human life may be Effort, and the law of human judgment, Mercy.”
-John Ruskin

Sunday, January 27, 2013

things that made me smile...

* the moon is full tonight. it's gorgeous and huge, and beautiful to look at through naked tree limbs.

* shakespeare's henry v at the folger library/theater was really good. the acting was great. several actors played different parts, so at times it was difficult to keep them all straight in my head, their different accents definitely helped. also, lots of manly men in leather pants and boots throwing themselves around on the stage and wrestling in the throes of war.

* i'm not a fan of indian food. you'd think after living in the UK for almost three years that i would have picked up a taste for it, but i didn't. i met up with friends for indian food before going to see henry v, and not only did i enjoy the good company, i also enjoyed the food. i think i might have found my dish--chicken biryani. good stuff!!

* winter is officially here, snow and all. granted in dc we had about two inches of snow, but it's still snow. i enjoy the cold weather. it's good for the plants, kills all the bugs, and makes everyone stay inside.

* lunch with my chief brothers from my old unit. it was nice to see them and spend time catching up. i'm really going to miss working with them.

* this mohawk hat was fun to make. i bet it's just as much fun to wear. i might have to make some for some nephews... and maybe my dad.

* a quiet evening spent crocheting and talking with a sister missionary.

* an afternoon teaching a new friend how to crochet a simple hat. there is a satisfaction that comes from teaching someone how to do something they want to learn. what a blessing.

* macarons from sweet lobby. hot herbal tea. hot chocolate. downton abbey. good books. conversations with good friends. hot soup.

* a light at the end of the tunnel...

Thursday, January 24, 2013

thoughtful thursday: ambition

a friend shared this on fb and i just keep thinking about how true this is.


Monday, January 21, 2013

things that made me smile

* dinner with a lovely lady. good stuff is always so yummy, and when coupled with good company and conversation, it's even better. llr and i have such thoughtful conversations, and i enjoy them so much.

* sometimes friendships take me by surprise. i realize suddenly, that hey, we're friends now and no longer just colleagues. this is a good thing.

* i had duty a couple of weekends ago with my reserve unit. it was really fun and lots of hard work. it's just a really good group of people, all of whom i'm looking forward to getting to know better. plus, the potential travel opportunities are a very fun plus.

* i'm very thankful for weekends, especially long weekends.

* a day at mount vernon with another lovely lady. it was a beautiful and warm day for january, that it was perfect to be walking around mr. washington's estate and enjoying the good company of llm. the conversation was good and meaningful. it was time well spent.

the front view of mount vernon in winter

the back view of mount vernon in winter

the potomac river view from mount vernon in winter

* learning hard things about myself is not always fun. it means there's more growing up to do. i'm thankful for friends who have the courage to tell me the truth and encourage me along in the journey.

* a couple of weeks ago, i requested to have a somewhat difficult conversation with my boss. the morning of my appointment, i walked into his office, and he announced that the issue was no longer an issue. it had resolved itself in a surprising way that left me feeling very much relieved. prayers are indeed answered.

* more crocheting and hat looming. i spent a delightful evening with the young men and women of two congregations teaching them how make a hat on a knitting loom. it was really fun and good teaching practice for me.

* stake conference with all the area congregations was really nice. it was such a spiritual feast of goodness and love. i felt very blessed to be there.

* spending time with my roommate's family. it was such fun to be a part of her family get-together. we celebrated a 49ers win which takes them to the superbowl and had some amazing food as well.

* i like to bake and making cinnamon rolls is really a lot of fun.

* the elders (missionaries) from my ward stopped by and sang christmas carols for me. it was a bit late, but because i was sick they hadn't stopped by during the holidays. i got a late christmas treat of two of my favorite carols complete with harmonica accompaniment.

* josiah is such a smart dog. the other night in the kitchen, he planted himself on the floor right in front of me and made sure he had my attention. he then looked over at the dresser on top of which his doggy treats are stored and licked his lips. gee... i wonder what he could want?

* warm lemon and honey tea. soup of any kind, but especially from 7th hill (the fresh baked cheese bread that comes with the soup is heavenly). finally catching up with a good friend over lunch. warm slippers. lots of bed covers. josiah, the dog, demanding to be petted and cuddled.

* my very full and varied life. i am so very blessed to be where i am and among the people in my life right now.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

thoughtful thursday: the attraction of earth

If you would hit the mark, you must aim a little above it;
Every arrow that flies feels the attraction of earth.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Thursday, January 10, 2013

thoughtful thursday: take heart

Amen. Last year was a really difficult year. This year already looks promising.

Monday, January 7, 2013

things that made me smile this week

* a wonderful friend gave me a moroccan star for christmas. i love lighting a candle in it and watching the light cast the beautiful and colorful shadows and reflections around the room. it's the first of my collection, because i absolutely love moroccan stars and must have more of them in my life. thank you llm.

* feeling myself get well again. every day i felt myself get a little stronger and better.

* it was nice to go back work after being out sick for so long. it was also nice to have people tell me i was missed. i enjoyed working on my projects again.

* coming home absolutely exhausted at the end of a workday. it was nice to be tired because i worked and not because i was sick.

* crocheting is fun. i really enjoyed learning this cute little hat pattern. for the first hat i followed the pattern exactly and it will probably fit a 2-4 year old. i made an adult size using a J-hook, increasing the magic ring by two more stitches and adding an additional row after R5. have fun experimenting!

* a good friend coming to my rescue and helping me with a flat tire. thanks to him i didn't have to roll my flat spare tire 4 blocks to fill it up with air. yes, dad, i know to change a flat thanks to you, but it was nice having help and support.

* i really like talking with brother R2. he doesn't beat around the bush. he respects that i have an opinion even when it's different from his. and he makes me laugh a lot.

* sunday morning church. it's amazing how much more relaxing and fulfilling sunday is with church in the morning. i spent a couple of hours in the afternoon with a friend, had a nap, baked this yummy treat for work, watched downton abbey and crocheted. 

* running into a good friend whom i haven't seen in a while out running an errand.

* i finally listened to patrick stewart's recording of a christmas carol. an absolutely wonderful performance. this is one of his favorite stories... another reason i'm in love with this man.

* receiving late christmas cards. i'm glad i'm not the only one.

* clean dishes. clean sheets. warm water. warm bed. thick socks. high heels. a cold spell. bundling up. nail polish remover. colored pencils. new piano music.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 in review

in no particular order fun things from 2012

birthday kids--we all have birthdays within a week of each other

mom  and i in dc.

i discovered my inner sith...

and was conquered.
jamestown, va with my favorite cousins

i met the captain and chief engineering officer.
my inner geek was completely satisfied ,

the boyer family reunion

the doctor who season 7 premier in nyc
shenandoah national park

these lovely ladies

ziplining with a friend


I recently read the quote below while reading about Christmas. As I read the list below, I thought these would make good resolutions and so here they are...

"This [year], mend a quarrel. 
Seek out a forgotten friend. 
Dismiss suspicion and replace it with trust. 
Write a letter. 
Give a soft answer. 
Encourage youth. 
Manifest your loyalty in word and deed. 
Keep a promise. 
Forgo a grudge. 
Forgive an enemy. 
Try to understand. 
Examine your demands on others. 
Think first of someone else. 
Be kind. 
Be gentle. 
Laugh a little more. 
Express your gratitude. 
Welcome a stranger. 
Gladden the heart of a child. 
Take pleasure in the beauty and wonder of the earth. 
Speak your love and then speak it again."