Monday, September 24, 2012

things that made me smile

* dinner with a good friend.

* the absence of humidity and high temperatures

* josiah coming home after spending time at the nephew's. he was so happy to see me and met me right at the door with a huge jump. i was so distracted that i left my keys in the door. love that dog.

* my dad is okay and I'm so glad.

* walks in the cool fall air.

* good books. a cup of herb tea. hammock time.

* a good sweaty workout.

* doctor who with friends.

* and this little bit of fall color brings mixed emotions. while I love fall i am not quite ready to welcome it with open arms...yet.

* i love this apron made for me by one of my talented SILs. it just makes me smile and feel wonder-ful.

p.s. published from my Droid phone; hence the awkward line up text and photos. not many editing options on my phone.

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