Monday, February 4, 2013

things that made me smile this week...

* i went outside one morning before sunrise and it was snowing. i just had to stop and stand there looking up. it was a beautiful winter moment.

* i love my book group. such a great group of women who love to read and talk about what we read. i hosted our get together this past week, and had the author, sarah chayes, join us to discuss her book. it was such an inspiring evening.

* a good friend from out of town was in town. she joined us for book group, and afterwards we caught up a bit with each other. she's in the navy too, and in a position that few women achieve. her sense of duty and sacrifice is humbling and inspiring. i am truly honored to have served with her and especially grateful to have her as a friend. 

* 340 hats have been collected for our hat project for children's hospital.

* torrential rain didn't stop llm and i from going piano keyboard shopping for her. yay for pianos and the joy they bring.

* breakfast with a friend on a very cold saturday morning. she and i have a sort of plan for lent this year that involves pinterest and crafting and cooking... good friends support other friends pinning habits.

* my nephew G5 recounting a friend's birthday party. it was a play-by-play review. so much fun!

* the principle of renewal is true. i'm so thankful that i know this.

* a sunday afternoon lunch of homemade paninis and the company of the cutest pug puppy i've ever seen. llr is one lucky pug mama. her baby is so dang cute and fun. as usual the conversation was so thoughtful. thank you.

* so, the 49'ers didn't win, but my roommate and i had fun watching the game. i watched about 5 minutes in the third quarter.

* my  mom called to ask me about york, england. she was watching a travel documentary and thought she recognized something on the show. she called to ask if we had seen it, and we had. i love it when my mom calls to tell me she's watching something on television and it's a place we've been together. it brings back such fun memories when she does.

* gold buttons on a peacoat. hot herbal tea--i'm loving celestial seasons tension tamer. homemade lasagne. homemade banana pudding--it's an old family recipe that doesn't get shared and it's just so dang good. fig preserves, who knew! more crocheting. missing a friend. snow and ice and rain. heat. clean sheets and comfy nightgowns. clean dishes. folded laundry. a bouquet of tulips. ginger ale and saltines cures a world of ailments.

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Ruthie said...

It was so much fun to have you over on Sunday! Oswin is dying to see you again! Believe it or not, she keeps on getting cuter and cuter :)