Sunday, November 20, 2016

things that make me smile this week 11/20

so this covers the past three weeks.

- talking with my mom and hearing how much she is enjoying her phone.  it's helping her to reconnect with friends. and she gets to watch her newest grandbaby.  it's fun to get her texts and to video chat with her and my dad.

- pioneer woman's christmas line came out this week. it's so pretty!

- the cubs won! bill murray's face was priceless.

- i was really sick this week for few days with lots of green goo pouring out of my nose and hacked up lung too. J took great care of me all week, and i really felt loved and cared for.

- i got new glasses.

- my husband coming home from work and we hug for a really long time.

- meeting a goal to go to the gym three days this week.

- primary kids singing and sharing their testimonies during our sacrament meeting program. they are so full of light and desires to do the right things.

- deciding that something is not right for me anymore, and following through on it.

- i really love the bbc4 show "detectorists" because it's so quirky, nerdy and human.

- saying i'm sorry.

- prayer. it really does change things, but mostly it's me that changes.

- the late afternoon sunlight slanting through the trees and illuminating the jewel-toned leaves on the almost bare trees. honestly, there's not a more beautiful sight at times.

- crunching leaves on a walk through woods.

- waking up at 4am so i can leave work at 2:30pm. (i'm trying to be positive on my early mornings.)

- pumpkin roll. good earth tea. salted caramel hot chocolate from starbucks. chopping vegetables. thick socks and boots. layers of clothing. heat. hot water. hope. hard work. fall colors.

- this view from my porch.

- this video on faith being a principle of action and power.

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