Friday, August 20, 2010


yep, i need to do this again.

Originally written on 16 september 2007

Sitting on the edge of the boat I let my feet dangle and my head hang over the edge. I looked down, watching the bow cut through greenish blue water and lost myself in the wind. The only sound was the rush of the wind in my ears and the rattle of the rigging. As we tilted with wind, my toes dipped down and cut through the waves. I was surprised at the warmth of the water and let it splash up on my legs. Feeling the movement of the boat and the salt spray wetting my face and hair, it was almost surreal.  It was another world.

Sailing is great. I need a house with a dock and a boat, and I need a handsome, single sailing instructor. I can't wait to go sailing again.

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Angela said...

Beautiful and descriptively written. I want to go sailing now:)