Monday, April 1, 2013

things that made me smile...

* the temple with LLM. it was soooo nice to spend time there with a lovely friend and do some work for her family.

* a man and his son walking home from their neighborhood bakery with a plate full of goodies from the bakery. he takes his own plate to the bakery and loads it up, so he doesn't have to waste all the packing materials. he also gave us the most lovely compliment about our spring outfits. i now have something new to which i aspire: taking my own plate to the neighborhood bakery.

* fish fingers and custard and Doctor Who and fellow Whovians.

* homemade custard. strawberries. cod with orange sauce. lemon cake in all its forms. tuna melt with crispy bacon.

* doctor appointments all in one day.

* instagram photos.

* conference talks again and again. i'm excited for new ones in a few days.

* the women in my book group who choose such interesting books and inspire such great discussions.

* thank you notes received in the mail.

* trees in bloom.

* Easter Sunday. reflections on Jesus Christ and his crucifixion and resurrection. the Spirit bringing peace and hope.

* visiting ward members and getting to know them better.

* josiah is home. yay!

* a run/walk around the National Mall, leftovers for dinner and good conversation.

* mani-pedi after a day of doctor appointments.

* sleep. my favorite nightgown. leaving a window open cracked open just a bit at night. cleaning. organizing.

* pondering the big questions: what should i be doing with my life right now? what can i do to be happier? how can i help and serve others?

* choosing to have fun and smile.

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