Sunday, March 24, 2013

things that made me smile this week

* some of my colleagues at work made over 60 hats for the Hat Project. such awesome people i work with.

* a run to congressional cemetery to see the cherry blossoms blooming in front of the chapel as the sun is setting. hurting like he** for two days afterwards not so much. i guess i should listen to my doctor...

* we learned a group of mice is called a mischief of mice. although, at this point i think they're well beyond mischief... seriously.

* paying  bills. okay, i didn't smile so much while paying them, but i am sure glad i have the means to pay them.

* a new church calling to assist in organizing and facilitating activities for the relief society aka women's ministry. i get to work with three women, whom i love and admire. yay!

* my yns who make sure i laugh in the mornings. 'cause i'm not a morning person, especially last friday.

* car repairs that are free. the place i go didn't charge me for fixing the back lights. hill auto repair definitely has my business.

* this lovely collection of images from inspiration lane. gorgeousness abounds. oh, and cute overload too, no explanation necessary the name says it all.

* making a conscious effort to remember daily the things which make me smile and feel grateful to god for my blessings really helps me appreciate what i have in my life. it helps me feel better too.

* anticipation.

* compliments on an outfit... from men. granted they were old enough to be my grandpa, but they were so complimentary. the brothers at the temple are so darn cute.

* have you ever tried pho? if not then you must. it is life changing. it's a vietnamese soup of the richest, yummiest broth with meat, rice noodles, scallions and you add fresh lime, jalapenos and bean sprouts as desired. there are a few variations and i can't wait to explore them. it's the best thing i have eaten in a long time. thanks to PA for introducing me to it.

* clean laundry. scrubbing floors. socks. toe nail clippers. colored pens. good stationery. soft yarn. organizing my sock drawer. texts. instagram photos of nephews. earrings. reading quietly. warm sunshine. the first day of spring. watching my favorite tree get ready to bloom. washing dishes (don't faint mom and dad). fun notebooks. little books. the scriptures. cooking. letting go.

* the sound of my nephews arguing over who is next to talk to me on the phone. big, big smile!

* an evening at the temple filled with good conversation.

* a night out with good friends to celebrate and life and accomplishments.

* sunday afternoon naps.

* snow. :)

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