Sunday, March 30, 2014

things that make me smile this week returns

So, the past few months have not been particularly easy for me. I've been in a winter funk brought on by life creeping up on me with some realizations that left me with the wind knocked out of me. And so I retreated, and hid for a while hoping no one would notice. But Someone did, and He made sure I was taken care of, loved and given what I needed, and I am so grateful.

So, at the urging of a friend who says my life is more interesting and that people like me, I am recommitting to sharing my little light through my blog. And so I will start by once again sharing the things that make smile on a weekly basis.

- Mom and Dad are coming for a visit!!!! This caught me by surprise, because I invited them, listened to all their reasons for not coming, and thought that they wouldn't actually get on a plane to come out here. But they are, and I'm so very giddy to have them visit.

- They are coming out because I am reenlisting in the Navy Reserve for two more years. Yes, I am actually smiling about this. I need to renew my enlistment contract in order to be eligible to retire, which is still in my plans. I'm excited too, because the ceremony is going to be pretty cool, and performed by a close friend. I'll share the details when it actually happens.

- I've talked on the phone with my family a lot this week, and it's been really fun. The other night two of my brothers and I all met up for a Google Hangout session and it was so cool to have the three of us and the little ones hanging out together for a few minutes from different parts of the country. Just makes me happy!!

- I really love hearing about the adventures of my nieces and nephews. I had forgotten the magic of a hotel room as seen through the eyes of a child. Nephew G hated the art museum, because he couldn't touch anything or run around, but still could tell me about the art he saw that he thought was cool. And Niece L loved the lily painting by Monet because that flower is her namesake and they grow in the water. It was so fun to hear about their trip.

- It snowed this week, and got really, really cold. And yes, I know, it's the first week of spring, but I really liked the snow and the cold, and bundling up to stay warm.

- On the way to work the other morning, I saw a herd of deer and a flock of wild turkeys right in the middle of DC. Granted, I was driving through a park area, but it's surrounded by a very large urban residential area. Apparently, it's enough of a green space to support a variety of wildlife.

- As cold as it has been, there are still signs of spring all around. My front garden is greeting me with signs of bright yellow crocus. The daffodils and tulips are poking up the dirt, and the day lilies in the backyard are showing signs of life. In a couple of weeks things will be bloom all over the city, I hope.

- Spring cleaning! I started it this week and have been doing a little every day. I'm not that far along, but it's a start, and it feels good.

- Making new friends. I'm so thankful for the Church in my life which just helps the process of making new friends with people who are kind, amazing and fun.

- Good books! I've been reading the Acorna series by Anne McCaffrey. I always wanted to read this series, and just decided it was time. What an adventure!

- I really love the Harry Potter movies, and crocheting.

- I was part of a lovely group of women who hosted a baby shower for a dear friend who is expecting her first. It was so nice to be a part of sending someone so much love and hope for a new little life to come.

- LDS General Women's Conference was just lovely! So many great messages about how we need and can learn from each other.

Here are a few Instagram photos to end things this week.

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Angrypanda said...

Sorry I missed your re-enlistment. :( but I miss you the most.