Saturday, January 31, 2015

what made me smile in january

* the first phone call of many phone calls.

* the answer to a prayer that came right as something new was starting in my life. thus opening the way for what i really, truly wanted to come into my life.

* my nephews not wanting to talk to me on the phone when i was because they didn't want to get sick with my cold. silly boys!

* a feeling, a tangible and very real feeling, of being supported and loved.

* snow flurries and flakes that accumulated just a bit. i love snow.

* daffodils, hyacinths, and dark chocolate from Trader Joe's.

* my mom talked to me about this article from elder scott and asked me to read it. i've been reading, pondering, and even listening to it a few times. i'm being taught some of the things that i need.

* playing the piano. singing. cooking. baking. bacon. cheese. cold, clean water. cups of tea. sleeping late on saturday mornings. organizing. laundry. sewing.

* my sister's birthday is in january. i sure do love my becky-doodles. sis, you are such an amazing, righteous and strong woman. i hope that i can be more like you. love you!

* my brother R1 is doing his final semester of law school in tokyo with his entire family. it's so fun to hear their adventures and follow along on their blog. i so wish that i could go and visit him.

* a couple of years ago the relief society (the women's ministry from my church) from my congregation made hats for the oncology ward at children's hospital here in dc. we had a goal of 500 and we ended up donating over 1100 hats. they recently contacted us again, to ask if we would be willing to make more because they were out of hats. so we are starting to make hats again, and i'm teaching people how to make them on knitting looms or crocheting. i'm really excited about this. one of these days i need to learn to how to knit though. if you're interested, please leave a comment below and i'll get in touch with you about how to help.

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