Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Things that made me smile this week

* spending the weekend with family in iowa. a direct flight made it even easier.

* i love being called Aunt 'Tine by a little girl who can't say my name yet. it just fills my heart up and makes me feel loved.

* early morning wake ups by a little boy who is so excited to see me and talk to me about hulk, captain america, super man, spider man, and star wars. and to plan the games we're going to play.

* according to my nephew, "but aunt christine, you're more fun when you're bad." ha!

* the context for the above, he and i were playing super heroes and as always i was the bad guy. i tried to play it good, and he just wasn't having it.

* we had so much fun wrestling, talking, playing games, tickling, talking, making faces, drawing, making paper stars, and reading books.

* this was one of my favorite moments. her eyes lit up when i presented the paint-our-toenails-to-match option while her brother was at a birthday party. so much fun!
matching toenails
* a morning spent playing in the sprinklers and the wading pool. water wars galore!

* it's fun to watch my brother be a husband and a dad.

* my sister (in law) made me the coolest apron. i can't wait to show it off, but it needs some finishing touches so it's still in iowa. my brother was chuckling just thinking about it and the kids were so excited for me to see it.

* homemade: yogurt, granola, strawberry jam, rolls, blueberry cheesecake frozen yogurt, bread and grilled pork tenderloin with an apricot-cilantro glaze. fresh tomatoes right outside the backdoor. fresh corn on the cob. seriously, good food this weekend.

* it's not often that i get to meet really, super cute men, but as i was waiting for my flight on friday this guy flopped down next to me. he immediately started talking to me, asking me about the boomerang thing that was sticking out of my bag. he was so funny and polite and good looking... think josh turner

* on my flight back to dc i sat next to a gentleman who didn't even ask, he just took my bag and put it in the overhead compartment and then re-adjusted it for me when the flight attendant couldn't get the door closed. he was so very nice and polite.

* earlier this week, i spent the evening at dumbarton house in their charming backyard stretched out on a blanket amongst girlfriends watching jane austen's emma. even the weather was perfect -- amazing with all our unbearable heat this summer. it was one of the funnest evenings.

* hosting sisters from the relief society so we can finish up our service project. my ward has such great women.

* life is good.

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