Friday, July 13, 2012

things that will never be the same after watching doctor who

doctor who is brilliant, fantastic and creepy. after watching the series, i'm not sure that i can look at some of these things the same again...

* angel statues, especially weeping ones
* libraries and shadows
* gps systems in cars
* weight loss pills
* anti-aging anything
* christmas in london
* police call boxes of every kind, but especially blue ones
* captain jack is no longer a pirate
* screw drivers - i'm always going to be looking for a sonic version.
* traveling companions
* stars
* spiders
* reality television and game shows
* music
* titanic
* toilet plungers and egg beaters - "Exterminate!"
* agatha christie
* bumble bees
* dogs which bark at nothing
* watching television
* robotic dogs
* nuclear warheads
* the first female prime minister of england
* gas masks
* the darkness
* children's drawings
* the night before getting married and this is only season 4... oy!
* this man
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and there's so much more doctor to watch... yay!

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Ruthie said...

Doctor Who is pretty much awesomeness... how I love that mad man in a box! We need to watch the upcoming season together when you get caught up! It was fun to chat with you the other night about this :)