Sunday, January 27, 2013

things that made me smile...

* the moon is full tonight. it's gorgeous and huge, and beautiful to look at through naked tree limbs.

* shakespeare's henry v at the folger library/theater was really good. the acting was great. several actors played different parts, so at times it was difficult to keep them all straight in my head, their different accents definitely helped. also, lots of manly men in leather pants and boots throwing themselves around on the stage and wrestling in the throes of war.

* i'm not a fan of indian food. you'd think after living in the UK for almost three years that i would have picked up a taste for it, but i didn't. i met up with friends for indian food before going to see henry v, and not only did i enjoy the good company, i also enjoyed the food. i think i might have found my dish--chicken biryani. good stuff!!

* winter is officially here, snow and all. granted in dc we had about two inches of snow, but it's still snow. i enjoy the cold weather. it's good for the plants, kills all the bugs, and makes everyone stay inside.

* lunch with my chief brothers from my old unit. it was nice to see them and spend time catching up. i'm really going to miss working with them.

* this mohawk hat was fun to make. i bet it's just as much fun to wear. i might have to make some for some nephews... and maybe my dad.

* a quiet evening spent crocheting and talking with a sister missionary.

* an afternoon teaching a new friend how to crochet a simple hat. there is a satisfaction that comes from teaching someone how to do something they want to learn. what a blessing.

* macarons from sweet lobby. hot herbal tea. hot chocolate. downton abbey. good books. conversations with good friends. hot soup.

* a light at the end of the tunnel...

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