Monday, January 7, 2013

things that made me smile this week

* a wonderful friend gave me a moroccan star for christmas. i love lighting a candle in it and watching the light cast the beautiful and colorful shadows and reflections around the room. it's the first of my collection, because i absolutely love moroccan stars and must have more of them in my life. thank you llm.

* feeling myself get well again. every day i felt myself get a little stronger and better.

* it was nice to go back work after being out sick for so long. it was also nice to have people tell me i was missed. i enjoyed working on my projects again.

* coming home absolutely exhausted at the end of a workday. it was nice to be tired because i worked and not because i was sick.

* crocheting is fun. i really enjoyed learning this cute little hat pattern. for the first hat i followed the pattern exactly and it will probably fit a 2-4 year old. i made an adult size using a J-hook, increasing the magic ring by two more stitches and adding an additional row after R5. have fun experimenting!

* a good friend coming to my rescue and helping me with a flat tire. thanks to him i didn't have to roll my flat spare tire 4 blocks to fill it up with air. yes, dad, i know to change a flat thanks to you, but it was nice having help and support.

* i really like talking with brother R2. he doesn't beat around the bush. he respects that i have an opinion even when it's different from his. and he makes me laugh a lot.

* sunday morning church. it's amazing how much more relaxing and fulfilling sunday is with church in the morning. i spent a couple of hours in the afternoon with a friend, had a nap, baked this yummy treat for work, watched downton abbey and crocheted. 

* running into a good friend whom i haven't seen in a while out running an errand.

* i finally listened to patrick stewart's recording of a christmas carol. an absolutely wonderful performance. this is one of his favorite stories... another reason i'm in love with this man.

* receiving late christmas cards. i'm glad i'm not the only one.

* clean dishes. clean sheets. warm water. warm bed. thick socks. high heels. a cold spell. bundling up. nail polish remover. colored pencils. new piano music.

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CTW said...

I enjoyed reading this Christine. I love your new hat and love trying to find joy in all the little things.