Monday, July 14, 2014

more things that made me smile

* this post on how Heavenly Father can bless us when we do our part... or when we don't. been there, heard that a few times in my life. nice to know i'm not alone.

* so, i was supposed to fly to germany this weekend on orders, but that didn't happen (long story). naturally, i was disappointed, but all in all okay with how it turned out. i'm at peace with it, and that's a good feeling.

* i was asked to be a co-sponsor for a former sailor as he goes through chief training. it's such an honor.

* two junior officers who care about a shipmate and are bravely doing the right thing reminded why i love the navy. and i needed that reminder one day last week.

* a friend and i were chatting, and he reminded me just how much i love the show MASH. seriously, being the navy i have worked with all those characters in real life.

* re-learning a lesson. you know how you end up in a situation where once you have some hindsight you realize that you once again were learning a lesson that you thought you had already learned? yeah.... that was me again recently. i'm very thankful for do-overs. hopefully, i got it this time and will remember it for the next time.

* going from a hole in the wall to an AC unit in the wall. it took 3 friends, 3 prayers and lots of patience.

* the realization that many of the things on this list are navy-related. funny, cause i wasn't feeling it last week. 

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