Monday, September 1, 2014

things that made me smile...

* a weekend without alarm clocks. sleeping until i'm ready to be awake. cooking avocado omelets for breakfast.

* a new calling (or assignment) at church. i'm the single adult representative for my congregation. should be interesting... ?

* fall cleaning. the feeling of a room that's been deep cleaned, it feels more open and brighter somehow.

* my nieces and nephews starting school and listening to their thoughts on new teachers and classes. so fun!

* a friend who is a fellow chief and whovian, who asked some very insightful questions when i talked with him one night about something i want to happen in my life. our conversation led me to some insights about where i am and a couple of things that were holding me back. thanks bro!

* the excitement of possibilities that meeting someone new brings until they don't. i'm so grateful for answers to prayers. sometimes it's important to try things out and see how they feel.

* my sister who listens without judgement. love ya!

* dinner with my cousin. so fun to catch up, enjoy good conversation and amazing food at ambar.

* painting a friend's basement. i found it easy to clear my mind and stop thinking for a while as i painted.

* word of advice: if you happen to end a meaningful friendship that is holding you back from being open to what you really want, do not watch the series finale of a beloved show. because you will cry, the ugly sobbing cry as you watch everyone say goodbye as they go off to their new duty stations on starships around the galaxy. thanks Star Trek: Deep Space 9 for nursing a breaking heart.

* a new season of doctor who has begun! so many new adventures to enjoy. (hopefully, moffat doesn't ruin anything else i enjoy in this world, like angel statues, libraries, the internet... )

* so, i've been lazy about being faithful to a goal that the bishop of our congregation set for us to read the complete book of mormon this year. it's not that i haven't been reading it, but i've been reading the parts that call to me. so, after he spoke again about our goal in church yesterday i'm setting the goal to read it all the way through by the end of the year. i'm using this 90-day schedule, so i have a bit of wiggle room. feel free to join in.

* my mom is learning spanish without even trying. being immersed in the language as she teaches english and attends the spanish-speaking congregation is really helping her to catch on. it's so fun to hear her excitement as she realizes what she understands.

* the soundtrack of guardians of the galaxy is pretty awesome. every time i play awesome mix vol 1, i'm dancing and singing around the room or in my car. always makes me smile.

*  holding a new baby is the best thing in the whole world.

* founding farmers for dinner with my best friend. best food-gasm in a very long time.

* a new star trek t-shirt. i seriously love this print.

* a stuffed elephant. excessive nerd syndrome. air conditioning. long walks. my book shelves. a clean bathroom. clean sheets. ted's millionaire bar milkshake. a good deep belly laugh. taking photos.

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