Thursday, May 6, 2010


pain is weakness leaving the body.
that's the motto for one group of extremely crazy, hard core guys.
i suppose in some cases that's true.
like when you're running and pushing up a hill,
or doing loads of pushups in formation at 0530 in the morning.

but what is pain when it's immobilizing,
making every slight movement an agonizing affair
and the only relief is when i'm flat on my back in bed
and finally fast asleep after taking loads of drugs to stop the pain? 
what is that pain all about?

certainly not weakness leaving the body,
'cause it's making me weak and cranky. 
and miserable.

i am thankful for my body.
it's strong and healthy.
it lets me do pretty much anything i want.
it rarely complains, but when it does...
i am thankful for my body.

i did something to my lower back last week
and now it's rebelling against every movement i make.
i don't know what i did to make my back so angry.
my brother says pain just lets you know that you're alive.
yep, i'm alive and kicking, or at least being kicked.
seriously, you can stop now.

sorry to complain, but i needed to vent for a moment
this morning while i wait for more drugs to kick in
so i can actually move to get ready for work.
thanks for listening.

and yes, i've called the doc.  just waiting for a call back.

maybe i just need one of these,
'cause after all a really big bandaid always makes everything better.
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Tanya S. said...

Having suffered the misery of back injuries before, I know how excruciating it can be. I hope you get good drugs and that it heals quickly!