Monday, October 4, 2010

chicken fajitas

I've been on a chicken fajita kick lately.  My mouth waters at the mere thought of chicken fajitas... (copious amounts drool are now dripping onto the keyboard).  Here's the very simple way I make my fajitas.

Yummy Chicken-Spinach Fajitas
I'll let you figure out the quantities you need, because I cook this for one - me.

In a skillet prepare:
olive oil,
chicken chopped into one inch cubes,
chopped onion,
red or yellow pepper, and
a fajita season mix packet.
Cook according to directions on season packet.

Here's the coup d'etat!
Once the fajita chicken stuff is ready,
put it into a bowl and cover to keep warm.
Now put some big handfuls of fresh spinach into the skillet
(use more than you think you need because it cooks down a lot),
sprinkle just a little water on it to speed up the cooking.
Basically, the point is to have the spinach soak up the rest of
fajita chicken bits in the skillet and grab up all the rest of the flavor.

Have at the ready:
eight inch flour tortillas warmed
grated cheese (choose your favorite)
avocado slices or guacamole
mango salsa (mmmm.... this is a requirement)
sour cream (if you want)
other veggies as desired

Now build your fajitas as you like and enjoy!
The fried spinach is so yummy on these and it makes me happy.

Sorry, no photos of this one, but trust me these are good!

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Tara said...

thanks, you just made me really, really hungry and I don't have hardly any of the ingredients for your yummy recipe.