Sunday, October 24, 2010

what i did this weekend

Saturday morning called for a walk with my musical friend ML.
Ten miles on the Mount Vernon Trail... my calves are stiff today.
It was gorgeous and fall was just beginning to show its colors.

I met Charlie Brown and Riley. Can you guess who is who?

Gorgeous light and colors in nature

Fire on the water... the Potomac really is quite gorgeous at times.

Big, big sigh of deepest contentment

Cute little house with smiling pumpkin on the porch.

Another big sigh of contentment

Egrets walking through a field of water lilies

Gorgeous day for sailing

A full moon over the mall.
Walked the monuments with good friends after dinner at Banana Cafe. Yum!

A panoramic view of the WWII Monument at night.  So beautiful.

p.s. i bought a new point and shoot camera a few weeks ago and i just have to say that
i love it!

it's slim, fits easily in my pocket, the battery lasts quite a while before recharging
and it takes some of the greatest photos i've seen from a point and shoot (14.1 meagpixels).
the low light and nighttime shots are the best and need very little editing.

all in all a very good weekend.


Angela said...

Bliss. What a perfect and beautiful day to spend on the Mount Vernon Parkway. I'm totally wanting those dogs and that cute house!

Tara said...

What beautiful pics. I'm glad you had such a great Saturday!

Becky said...

Love the pictures. Especially the last two!!!