Friday, October 29, 2010

doc martin

Doc Martin is another gem of a British television series, which has left gasping me for air after laughing so hard I about lose control of my bladder. 

Doctor Martin Ellingham is a renowned London surgeon, who moves to Port Wenn in the beautiful Cornish seaside after developing a healthy fear of blood. He has all the warmth and charm of a bowel resection, and his bedside manner is equally intolerable. His social awkwardness is almost his undoing as he arrives in the small, gossipy village of Port Wenn, but once the locals learn of his brilliance as a doctor and the unconventional manner in which he expresses and shows his genuine concern for them, they take him into their hearts and can't imagine the village without him.

The side characters are just as quirky and fun as Doc Martin, and their interactions are comical to watch. The cast is terrific, and I love being able to watch Stephanie Cole who is a brilliant actress. Another bonus is the beautiful Cornish countryside and seaside through which Doc Martin travels as he makes his rounds. Be sure to book your appointment for a visit to Doc Martin's surgery.  You won't be disappointed.

You can watch Seasons 1-4 right on Netflix and for free on

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