Friday, October 8, 2010

lark rise to candleford

I am addicted to period dramas and mini series by BBC!

Lark Rise to Candleford is my new favorite series. It's based on a trio of semi-biographical novels by Flora Thompson first published in 1945. I've been watching episodes for several months now and escaping delightfully into mid 19th century English countryside of Oxfordshire. The characters are fun and fully formed, and the stories are interesting and compelling. The series all starts when young Laura leaves her family and moves from the small farm village of Lark Rise to the bustling town of Candleford only eight miles away. She begins work with her cousin in the post office where she begins to grow up and become a young woman. It's BBC at its finest.

There are several episodes available on YouTube for viewing pleasure.


Becky said...

So Brodee and me just watch a couple of the short movies. He liked the ducks and horses. He sat through them all. Nice show. I can see how you would get lost up in the show. Mom would like it don't you think?

Angela said...

How crazy, this was on BBC here last month and I watched it--really enjoyed it too. You are right, BBC at its finest. I love BBC so much!