Saturday, November 20, 2010

i am thankful for

waking up at 0500 this morning without an alarm and not feeling tired

leaving the house as the sun rose to meet new friends at BOMF

walking and talking and dancing with new friends on the mall this morning

homemade waffles in my freezer heated up in my toaster oven and covered in cream cheese, fresh raspberries and syrup - total decadence

saturday house cleaning

being caught up on laundry

a long pre-winter nap

watching HP7.1 & lovin' it yesterday

fresh flowers

whole foods white bean turkey chili - seriously, sooo good

homemade pumpkin cookies with chocolate chips & raisins & pecans & cream cheese frosting

pink fuzzy slippers + cotton-cashmere blend socks = happy feet

quiet time to read and listen to this

for a good day.

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