Sunday, November 28, 2010

my letter to santa

Dear Santa,

This year I’ve been somewhat good. I've accomplished many things I set out for myself this year. I've paid all my parking fines, finished paying off a big bill, apologized for being unkind a couple times to people at work who really made me mad, and generally kept my nose clean. I could have helped more people and been kinder at times, and I hope to do better.

I know most letters you receive have long lists of things that people hope to receive. In thinking about my letter to you, I’ve looked over my life and decided to send you a list of what I hope to give to others.

Time - More time spent listening, helping or just being there for someone. As I look back, more often than not, my regrets are not having spent more time with people for whom I care. I also want to be a wiser steward of the time I have.

Listening - I have trouble listening sometimes. I want to improve my ability to really listen and be there in the moment with the person I’m talking with.

Service - So many people do such nice things for me. I hope to do more nice things for others and respond to genuine needs.

Santa, dear, you truly represent the spirit of giving, I hope to live up to that spirit by giving more of myself to others in time and service, and bringing more smiles to more faces.

Good luck on Christmas Eve. I hope you have a safe journey 'round the world.

Merry Christmas!


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