Tuesday, August 30, 2011


so, i'm a really bad sister.

it was brother j's birthday a couple of weeks ago and i totally spaced it, until just a few days ago. i even saw him the weekend after his birthday and still didn't remember. i have no excuses, just that i was dealing with some personal stuff that was pretty big and wasn't thinking much of anyone or anything outside myself.

so, i just want to say that i'm sorry i forgot your birthday brother j. you're a pretty great brother.

and your son video chat with me often, which always makes me laugh and feel loved.
text me photos of your sons all the time, which i totally love.
work hard for your family.
make me laugh.
live in a really cool place which i want to come and visit again. columbus day work okay for you?
are my favorite brother in all of utah... (shhhh, don't tell anyone, okay.)

thanks for being such an awesome brother.

Angel's Landing, Zion National Park, Oct 2010

so, happy belated birthday to you. and may you have lots of cake in your face!
love ya, jonny boy.

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