Wednesday, August 17, 2011

home & family

 so, i've loved coming home to a house full of people the past couple of days. my new roomie has lots of friends who just love her and she loves them. they are her family. they have been here helping her set up her move, unpack and set up furniture. it's been so fun to meet them and be immediately accepted into her 'family'. the love is amazing and just what i needed.

 that's not to say that i don't have my own circle of friends who love me and whom i also love, because i really couldn't ask for better friends here in dc. it's just that my circle is expanding and while i'm finding it a bit scary, i'm so excited to be diving in and experiencing it. i can't wait for more!

 tonight, when i got home, i found that roomie's sisters are here visiting. (i had forgotten--oops.) they are lovely, beautiful and so caring. they greeted me with hugs and laughter. they all look similar and love each other so much. when they found out i was going to pick up cupcakes for my sister from georgetown cupcake, they also wanted cupcakes. it was too cute! (yes, i have 2 1/2  dozen cupcakes sitting in my house right now! seriously, if you're thinking of breaking in tonight's the night... but please don't.)

 here's what i've learned: that it's the family that makes a house a home. that fills it up to over flowing with love. that pushes out all negativity. that fills in all the blank spaces with exactly the right pieces. that accepts you just because you're someone important in their loved one's life. that volunteers to help with the smallest jobs. that keeps the lights on for you. finds ways to assist and asks what you need help with.

 you see in the time i've lived on my own here, i had forgotten all this. the time alone was valuable and i enjoyed it, but i'm so ready to be with family. and i think my new family is gonna be lots of fun in my new home. i'm looking forward to learning how to live with family again. 

 p.s. i get to see my true family soon. utah here i come!

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