Tuesday, August 30, 2011

things that made me smile a lot this week

- my whole family was in one place, all together for the first time in almost five years. yay! one of my wishes for this summer came true.

- a campfire. chili verde. fire roasted corn on the cob. georgetown cupcakes (for breakfast too). stars, so many stars. mountains.

- hugs from all my nieces and nephews, brothers and sisters, mom and dad. (and to all my in-laws you are simply my sisters and my brother.)

- my niece's story about the titanic and a romance. she's quite the author.

- an early morning thunderstorm, a double rainbow and family breakfast under a canopy tent in the rain. heaven on earth.

- a bear lake sun burn.

- playing rodeo in the backyard with my two nephews. i got bucked off a bull a couple of times and landed on my behind.

- sleeping on the trampoline with my nephews who decided they loved their mom too much to be outside with me, so they went inside. later mom, my sister, came out and we got sister time.

- stars! shooting stars! satellites!

- long car rides with mom, talking and listening to beautiful music.

- seeing kp and kh two friends i haven't seen in ages. i loved catching up with them, and just sitting and talking. (sorry, to the other friends i missed. next time, i promise.)

- visiting temple square for the first time in years. i love the christus statue.

- i bid on my hotel for san diego and ended up staying here. it was awesome!

- seeing friends from my team in afghanistan. especially one who survived a suicide bombing. he is getting stronger and healthier every day. thank you, god, for this miracle.

- watching as a friend stepped up to meet her destiny. when i grow up i want to be like her: compassionate, strong, a true friend and leader.

- singing with the best pianist i've ever met. listening to him play, to his brother sing along and watching people's faces as they listened or sang along also. what a fabulous night.

- making new friends.

- dinner at an amazing french restaurant with an inspiring group of people.

- listening to the ocean and a steel band play as i fell asleep with windows of my hotel room open.

- coming home to dc. it really is home here now.

- seeing that everyone is safe and sound from the earthquake and hurricane which i missed while out west.

photos to follow.

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Angela said...

What a great summer update. Love it. Can't wait to see pictures, it looks like you've had so much fun lately!

That hotel is fantastic, btw. Good bidding!