Friday, August 12, 2011

things that made me smile lately

- key lime coconut cupcakes (thanks SS) and good conversation with friends
   p.s. i really must have that recipe!

- plans for the boyer family reunion and buying my plane tickets

- a wake up phone call

- making arrangements to rent a piano for the new house. it will be delivered tomorrow.

- hanging my antique looking coat hooks in the entryway hallway. they look so pretty.

- hanging the art work in the house

- rain!

- sending rsvps for two specatular events for friends.

- the temperature droppping to below 70 degrees at night. can you say sleeping with all the bedroom windows wide open?

- this conversation with nephew L:
   me: guess what?!?! we get to go camping togther next week.
   l: i know.
   me: and then guess what?!?!!? i'm coming to your house to play with you.
   l: how long will you be there?
   me: i think i'll be there for 2 days.
   l: that's not long enough.
   me: how long should it be?
   l: you need to come 6 days.
   me: i wish i could, but i can't.
   l: why not?
   me: i have to go to a party for a friend in san diego.
         (the party is a change of command ceremony, but l wouldn't understand what that is)
   l: why?
   me: because she asked me to sing for her party.
   l: oh. okay....... can you come for three days?
   me: yes, i think i can.
   l: okay! bye!
i seriously love this kid.

- deciding to switch the dining and living rooms, because i want the living room in the bigger room.

- baking cupcakes and making this frosting. seriously good stuff.

- asking for space and getting it.

- and now it's friday! happy weekend.

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Angela said...

I love hanging things in new houses too! You'll have to take pictures once it is all complete.

That is awesome you are renting a piano! What a great idea!