Sunday, September 25, 2011

things that made me smile this week

*talking to my nephew B and having him say, "you need to be by us." so, so true. at the same time i was smiling, i was crying too with this one.

*i attended the world-wide broadcast of the LDS Church's General Relief Society Meeting on saturday. it was wonderful and i loved all the talks. i left inspired to do more to increase my connection with god. but the thing that night that really made me smile...

*learning quirky, little known, fun things about the sisters in my congregation. for instance, one sister was an mtv dancer while at university (back when mtv was actually music tv), another was a yellow peanut m&m for mars, another met her husband in third grade, another was tony the tiger (how grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-eat is this?!?!), another has 17 grandchildren, another is a marilyn monroe impersonator, and another (i won't say who...) admitted to having two star trek: tos uniforms in her closet.

*getting caught out in a monsoon rainstorm while in uniform. all i could do was laugh, because i was soaked to the skin.

*new bras. (i know too much information, but seriously a good thing.)

*the big bang theory season premiere. "it's not what it looks like." the red chair. paintball war. i about died laughing.

*singing at a friend's retirement ceremony this week. congrats PB. i'll miss you!

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One said...

New bras are the best! :-)