Saturday, December 17, 2011

hilltop star

Hilltop Star was inspired by the Christmas star we put on our barn every year. I always loved turning at the last corner on the main road through Paradise to head south and out of town, because I knew I would be able to catch a glimpse of the star on our hill. When I was older, I would drive along 9300 South just so I could see more of the star earlier.

Our house on the hill painted by a SIL's sister
The star would go on the white barn to the right
Returning home for the holidays, after being overseas or moving away, always felt real as soon as I saw our hilltop star. For me, the star is a symbol of home and homecoming. Sailors navigated using stars, returning home safely by following the stars. If you're lost and can find the North Star, you always know which way you're headed. Wise men of old followed stars, especially a new star in the East, to home of the Christ child to worship and present him gifts. They knew, as I do, that this child was the Messiah and the only way home. Wise men and women today still follow stars and know that Christ is the true North star leading us back to our true home. 

My brother Chris and I decided to write a song together and we thought a song about our star would be fitting. We both wanted to express the sense of awe we got when looking up at the stars, and of homecoming. I think we did. The recording is from Chris's funeral in December 2003. The performance is a little shaky, but the sentiments we wanted to express are there. 

Happy Christmas.


The Clawson"s said...

Perfect sentiment. I'm going to miss you this Christmas. Have a wonderful holiday, and know that I love that star too. I think everyone in Paradise loves that star, and your fam. We miss Chris too. Such a wonderful kid:) Love your guts!!

mwoodall said...

For some reason I thought the name Hilltop Star was referring to living on Capitol Hill. Good to know the awesome sentiment behind the name. Also, that song gave me the chills (in a good way). Merry Christmas Christine! You are wonderful!

Margaret said...

I think of your family a little more each December, remembering Chis. May the blessings of the season be with you. I love each and every memory I have of you - and the star. I remember coming home late, and knowing I was home when I could see the star. love you.
Merry Christmas

Alan said...

beautiful. I love stars...