Thursday, December 29, 2011

thoughtful thursday: participate more fully

"Every new year, people make resolutions. I stole my perpetual resolution a couple of decades ago from a man named Leo who woke up at age 54 and said, "I can't read. I'm going to learn how." I met him through Literacy Volunteers of America.

"He had decided, he said, to participate more fully in his own life and that of the people around him. To do that, he needed to know how to read. Taking that first step must have been hard.

"He'd spent decades trying to disguise what he didn't know before he decided to go for it.

"That's the attitude I want to take into this new year and all the ones that follow it. It's what you don't yet know that leads to the next frontier."

 (Collins, Lois M. "Resolve to turn life's 'what-ifs' into 'so-whats'. Deseret News 29 Dec 2011. online)

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