Tuesday, May 22, 2012

i don't always get it right

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i don't always get it right. in fact a lot of the time i don't. but there are times when i do and it feels nice.

my dad reminded in his comment on my post from a couples week ago that i didn't get it right a lot. there are still many times now where i don't get it right. you know what? that's okay.

we're not meant to get it right every single time while we're here. we're meant to try. to learn. to be humble. to choose love. to say i'm sorry. to hope for forgiveness. to let go. to remember. to try it differently the next time. to be better.

so, i hope i'm learning and growing. i hope i'm treating people around me better. i'm trying to.

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mwoodall said...

Well, I think you're doing fabulously.