Wednesday, May 9, 2012

things that made me smile last week

* my end of tour performance evaluation was really nice. apparently, i walk on water...

* it was fun to see all my work friends upon returning back to my old job. i work with some really great people and enjoy their company a lot.

* more phone messages from nieces and nephews who want to talk to me and tell me so in the cutest terms possible. thanks daddy (brother R2) for narrating in the background so i know what is being said.

* dinner to say goodbye, where it all began. 

* this lovely peachy pink rose blooming in the backyard.

* a little girl in church throwing her head back repeatedly and giggling every time. she was the cutest, happiest thing.

* a last minute movie date to the avengers. brilliant. funny. and the audience was great. i love going to movies in the theater when the audience is totally into the movie. so much fun to cheer and clap and laugh out loud loudly along with everybody else. plus, we look totally sexy in our 3-d glasses. B-)

* spring cleaning. i love putting away winter clothes and pulling spring and summer clothes. it's like a whole new wardrobe every six months. 

* a catch-up lunch with an out-of-town girl friend. good conversation and non-alcoholic mint juleps and appetizers and salads. although, i do miss our runs. 

* slowly but surely answers to prayers are coming.

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