Monday, June 11, 2012

stuff that made me smile this week

* friend LLM spent the evening on Thursday finishing up the raised garden bed i put in the backyard. it was fun spending time her and working in the garden. fingers crossed for some yummy vegetables later this season.

* time spent with the LLs. i love these women and always feel so uplifted, supported and loved afterwards.

* reading a really great brain-candy book.

* sitting in my front garden to do some weeding. i do it a section at a time and it helps make it not so big a task. i love my front garden!

* meet me in st. louis. i love this musical and every time it's on tv, i just have to stop and watch it.

* spending time with an insightful friend.

* clean laundry. cool showers. air conditioning. fresh veggies. taking walks. having a job. catching up with co-workers. playing the piano. escaping into a book.

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mwoodall said...

Mina!!! I just love you so much!!