Monday, June 4, 2012

things that made me smile this week

* apparently josiah, the dog, missed me. he hasn't left my side since i walked in the door.

* a phone call with a friend, whom i miss a lot. it was good to catch up for a few minutes.

* sleeping in my own bed and not having to turn on the AC.

* watching the kids play in the hillside yard outside our temporary church building. it's so fun to watch them run around and stretch their legs after being reverent for so long. it's a nice change from our permanent location which is under construction (or soon will be).

* sitting in the front garden in the evening to pull a few weeds. seriously, this makes me smile.

* seeing someone again, and having all the hurt and anger be gone. this took me a bit by surprise, but then i was thankful that prayers had been answered. god is indeed good and things do happen in his own time.

* i found this lovely new drink that's just perfect for summer. fresh ginger ale by bruce cost flavored with pomegranate and hibiscus.  i think i'm already addicted...

* pedicures and dinner with a friend. :)

* much needed long naps.

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