Monday, June 18, 2012

stuff that made me smile this week

* i love my house. i love climbing into bed at night with the windows open, the fan on, and cool air blowing around me. it just makes me so happy and sleepy.

* i've been trying out a new decision this week on a few select people. i'm still not one hundred percent on it, but so far it feels good and i'm excited. more to come once i know a bit more.

* dinner with my lovely friend TJ. i was her bridesmaid last fall, and she's expecting her little boy early this fall. it's so fun to see her life moving forward and things going so well for her. happiness abounds!

* phone conversations with brother R2's kids. these two make me laugh and are growing up so fast. plus girl talk with their mom always makes me laugh and smile. love you guys!

* mom wants to come back for a visit. yay!

* riverdance with good friends at wolf trap national park. a night on the lawn with great food, good company and amazing dance performances.

* watching a little girl in a pink flowered dress with a pink flower in her hair dancing along with riverdance. such joy and abandon in one so young.

* i wish that i could be next door neighbors to all my siblings and their kids. sigh....

* plane tickets for some trips back home this summer. good times!

* laughing at myself over a terrifically proper horror-flick-scream after i spotted a couple of rather large mice in my living room last night. i'm surprised the cops didn't come knocking at my door. blegh!

* i've been seeking some answers to some really big stuff in my life for a while now. it's starting to feel like i'm getting the right answers and understanding is slowly building. it's been worth the wait because of how much i've learned and where my heart is now.

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Ruthie said...

Item number 2 makes me curious! I can't wait until you are ready to share this :)