Monday, June 25, 2012

things that made me smile this week

* breakfast at ted's with a good friend in uniform. so good to spend time catching up.

* i gave myself a bed time this week, and it's making a difference. i'm so much less tired and cranky. i think i'm going to keep it up.

* lots of quiet time this week. it's good for my soul, i need it.

* i've had time this week to reflect on god's unfathomable tender mercies. a cousin, who is my age, passed away this past week, and it's been painful to know that i know all too well much of what her family is experiencing. at the same time, i know too how much divine help and support they are receiving from angels both seen and unseen. the pain is unimaginable, but i have great comfort in knowing they are being watched over, loved and supported in ways they can't even imagine. i know, because my family was.

* we had stake conference this weekend, and it was lovely and powerful. the sermons and messages were well thought out and inspiring. i'm so glad i attended all the sessions. (p.s. stake conference is where 8-9 LDS congregations gather together to hear our next level up of leadership. they happen every 6 months.)

* summer has officially arrived. it's hot. it's humid. it's sweltering. thank heavens for fans and air conditioning. and cotton bed sheets.

* i love my ward family at church. we had an outdoor singles potluck yesterday and spent the afternoon lounging about in the heat, eating really good food, and talking. a sister shared her miraculous conversion story, which helped to remind me of similar times in my own life. she inspires me.

* cold watermelon. cold cherries. fresh apricots. fresh asparagus. lemonade. chilean lime potato chips. peach and mango salsa. fresh green salads. clean, folded laundry. an interesting book. good music. flip-flops. skirts. picnics. friends.

* unintentionally documented proof that there are kind people in our world, choosing to be heroically kind and generous. p.s. i watched this about three times just to catch everything.

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Ruthie said...

So incredibly sad to hear about your loss. Prayers for you and your cousin's family. Your perspective is so incredible (as always) and I learn so much from your strength and example!