Sunday, November 25, 2012

virginia for labor day

i spent labor day weekend in virginia with my cousins jay and sue. it was truly a relaxing weekend and so good to see my virginia family.

the battle of yorktown monument

visiting with sue while waiting for the concert

sweet lobby cupcakes
btw, this is what they look like when turbulence doesn't up end them.

cousins dave & ange

outside the fort at jamestown.

with captain john smith...
not nearly as good looking as the disney version.

inside the fort at jamestown

cousins jay and sue with pocahontas.

the chapel at jamestown

the digs at jamestown are open during the week, but covered up on weekends.
i need to go back during the week sometime.

a map of jamestown.

unmarked gravesites
jamestown was really beautiful. it was a fun visit, but way too hot and humid.

i love this view of jay and sue's backyard. usually the bird feeders are full of birds which provide hours of entertainment. i love siting at this window and watching the birds.

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