Sunday, November 25, 2012

george washington's birthplace

driving home from virginia, i was bored and wanted to see some new scenery, so i turned off route 17 and headed north into tidewater country. i saw a sign announcing george washington's birthplace. my legs needed a good stretch, and i stopped and made it for the last tour of the day.

the original house is no longer standing. the outline of the house is clearly marked.
well meaning people built a home on what they thought was the original spot, but it turned out to be an outbuilding's location. so the rebuilt house is now called a memorial house. still the plantation grounds are beautiful and well worth walking around for an hour or so when a break from driving is needed.

i played a 1930s reproduction of an 18th century harpischord in the main hall of the memorial house. it was very different from a piano and threw me off a bit.

a miniature washington monument marks the entrance to pope's creek plantation.

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Mom Boyer said...

Love that place. It is so peaceful. I'm glad he had Mt. Vernon to go to. Think of him giving all that up to serve his country so many years. We all owe him so much.