Wednesday, March 6, 2013

sci-fi weekend

Why do I go to science fiction conventions? The people are interesting and fun. I learn something new while attending the science panels; and seriously, scientists are the coolest nerds ever. 

I attended Farpoint a couple of weeks ago, and I got to see and do stuff like this...

These boys won a prize in the masquerade for their depiction of
Minecraft Style ala Gangnam Style.

You never know when you're going to meet the Geico Gorn.
Their masquerade skit was pretty funny. 
Oh, and the woman in the Gorn costume is blind, which ups the coolness levels.

Darth Vader and his wife are trying something sweet to lure unsuspecting persons to the Dark Side. Plus, they have the best aprons ever.

If you need help finding a woman, you might try this bookI don't think it will really be all that helpful as we don't have any alien women on this planet... yet.

These two are the funniest couple I've ever seen on stage. I laughed sooo hard.

Klingons learning how to dance Thriller.

Felicia Day is adorable, witty and smart, and definitely a much bigger nerd than me.
I only wish I was as cool... but I'm not a gamer, nor will I ever be.

I found the TARDIS!!

I loved this kid. He was so cute and funny!

The Klingon Empire and The Empire have an exchange program.
Who knew?

This girl's Iron Man costume was absolutely the best. 
Very well done.

I love Captain America... 
Now in my dreams he looked a bit younger.

And I get to meet really cool people like this guy...
Marc Okrand, creator of the Klingon language.
And sadly no I do not speak Klingon.

A very satisfying weekend of nerdiness and geekiness. You can read my friend T's recap and see more photos here.

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