Monday, March 4, 2013

things that made me smile...

* i love getting my haircut. unfortunately, my hair guy is on an extended leave of absence, so i had to submit my hair to a new guy. here's hoping it looks as good curly as it does straight.

* i finally finished the first round personnel evaluations... thank heavens.

* i miss josiah. he's staying with my roommate's family this week. i never expected to miss a dog so much.

* i decided to take a photo a day for the next month. only three days in and it's been fun already. i'll post a weekly recap.

* 821 hats for children's hospital and the hats are still coming in...

* ironing can be fun... sometimes.

* lemon cake. lime bars. berry tart. a dessert potluck with fabulous women.

* a friend went out of his way to say thank you. it meant a lot.

* affogatto--italian drinking cioccolato with gelato di crema. to quote a friend, "angels were singing in my mouth."

* i was privileged to sing the national anthem for a friend's retirement from the navy reserve. i was humbled to be a part of his celebration.

* a friend who gives me straight talk and sound advice. thank you.

* a saturday where i spent the bulk of the day at home in my pjs. even though i was doing work, i still felt like i got some relaxing in.

* my mom and dad are great!

* asking the question: what should i be doing with my life? and laying in the groundwork for some answers.

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