Monday, March 18, 2013

so much made me smile....

* my birthday was a fun day.

* my mom sent me the classic blue and gold plate to commemorate the Relief Society. she bought it for me almost twenty years ago when we visited nauvoo as a family. she said she waited this long because i am now finally old enough for it. she packed the plate in hats for the hat project that she and a friend had made. i love my mom!

* brother R1's family sing-yelling-screaming happy birthday on my voice mail. seriously, you haven't experienced this song properly until you hear their family do it. i look forward to this every year. it's my favorite each time.

* karaoke night with some wonderful women from over at FIVE. it was so much fun and a great way to spend my birthday.

* dinner with LLR at Bistro Cacoa. seriously, good food and the best conversation with this lovely lady. thank you.

* doctor who socks for my birthday make me happy.

* my roommate is pretty darn cute. her fried chicken is the best and made my lunches so yummy.

* my sister's boys singing to me over the phone. those two boys are fun!

* lots and lots of sleep, and quiet time helped me to feel more rested this weekend. i needed it so.

* hosting a dinner party for our senior missionary couple and their daughter, a returning missionary from France, who joined them for the last two weeks of her mission--so cool! this family is amazing and so full of love and light. it was lovely to have them and other close friends from church join us. the whole night was really special.

* making a successful meal. i'm so glad the meatloaf turned out well.

* phone conversations with good friends. i need to do this more often.

* meeting the Lovely Ladies for dinner early one evening. it was so great having the three of us in one place.

* writing a story with a friend because i'm bored. genius and fun idea on his part.

* supporting a good friend by attending his father's funeral. i learned so much more about my friend and who he is. prayers and love for him and his family.

* mom and dad calling to wish me happy birthday.

* time at the temple.

* following a prompting, and feeling peace.

* watching this conversation. lots to think about.

* meat loaf. macaroni and cheese. water. ice cream--haagen dazs limited edition salted caramel truffle is truly a revelation in perfect flavors. pistachio crusted sea bass with mango champagne sauce is another revelation in texture and flavors. homemade sauteed spinach in spicy honey mustard. san pellegrino sparkling water.

* snow that doesn't stick around. (okay, i prefer the snow that does stick, but apparently that's not gonna happen here in dc. so i'll take what i can get.)

* blooming daffs, crocuses and snow drops. oh, and some early blossoming cherry trees are showing up around the city.

* the people i work with are good, hard working people. i'm so grateful for them.

* Come Thou Fount sung in French. beautiful!

* a perfect dress for a wedding, on sale and available in my size. (let me clarify, i am attending a wedding, not getting married myself.)

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Kimber said...

What a lovely and inspiring list! Glad I could be a little part of it. Thanks for the smiles, sister :-)