Sunday, March 14, 2010

i love the beach

i love the beach.

there is something deep in my heart which opens wide
and just says live here.
this happens every time i am near the ocean
and go for long walks on the beach.
i think i need to do this every day.

you might see some beach dream posts.
because, dreams just don't come true unless you write them down.
the gulls in the foamy surf.

the feeling of sand being dragged out from under my feet by the waves.

sea shells

beach as far as the eye can see...

foamy waves

me, getting my feet wet after a short run.

the view on pawley's island.
i could live here...

the view the other way on pawley's island.
really, truly live here.

the intercoastal waterway and swamp in between the coast and pawley's island.
i could so live here.

these are the women with whom i played this weekend.
we've been there for each other ever since
we were roommates in london almost ten years ago.
we are constantly amazed at how life turns out
and the adventures that come from simply living.
i love these amazing women
and am thankful they are my friends.

photos by me and sd


deb sorensen said...

What a great shot of the three of you.

Anonymous said...

Has it really been 3 years since you were in London? Wow. Those are beautiful shots of the beach. I agree with you, there's just something completely alluring about the beach. It pulls you in and makes you feel so small and insignificant and yet so powerful and free all at the same time. Glad you guys had fun.