Friday, March 19, 2010

real news - a year of giving

while reading the paper today, i stumbled across this surprising article
and i just had to share this bit a real news from our world.

image from here

reed sandridge, an unemployed d.c. man
is giving away $10 a day for one year.
he was inspired by the memory of his mother
who always looked for ways to help others,
and because he "was going nuts"
 after being laid off from his job with a non-profit.

he even started a blog: year of giving
to document each day his experience of giving away the $10.
i scanned through some of his entries and they are really fun.

what a great way to get your mind off your troubles
and focus outwards on serving others.
reed you are inspiring! thank you for your example.

just one more reason why i love living in dc.

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Angela said...

How inspiring! I love it.