Monday, January 30, 2012

things that made me happy this week...

* a phone call from brother R2's family.
   - nephew G told me all about his new CTR ring. he even knows what it means.
   - niece L wanted to say hi and i love you. she's almost two so just imagine how cute she is!
   - brother R2 thanked me for sending his wife N a dress, because: "she is smokin' hot in it!"

* josiah came home and has been my shadow. this dog is ridiculously in love with me.

* shopping for baby clothes for new babies with good friend MW. so much fun! and so many cute little clothes.

* buying almost blooming hyacinths--the best smell on earth right now.

* missing someone, whom i hope to keep as a friend.

* waking up a few minutes before my alarm goes off. i hate being awakened by an alarm, so this really makes me smile.

* warm sunshine.

* cleaning my room and organizing.

* falling down stairs and not breaking anything. ouch! all i could was laugh because it hurt.

* this episode of fraser. seriously some of the best physical comedy ever done. i laughed until i cried.

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