Monday, January 16, 2012

things that made me smile this week

* giving myself permission to dream.

* audio books.

* pound the hill. great friend. travel scrabble. nutella scone and hot chocolate. moroccan lentil soup. perfect evening.

* speaking italian.

* an early morning email from girlfriend SD asking if i wanted to go to dinner at bibiana. the serendipity of already having a reservation for that very evening, along with tickets to see James Earl Jones, who has the best smile ever--it twinkles, literally twinkles, my friends. lots of girl talk, good food, sharing insights and finally swapping christmas gifts. perfect.

* organizing. folding laundry. making a new sign for the front door.

* so, my smart phone was actually making me dumber. then i turned off the the notifications which tell me when someone has posted something new on facebook, or a new email has popped into my inbox. suddenly, i feel less clutered, less hectic and more in control. i now check these things when i need or want, not because my phone is sounding off. this is a very good thing indeed.

* two little girls dropping their toys and rushing across the playroom to tackle me with hugs.

* holding the cutest little 4 month old baby girl at a dinner party.

* playing the piano in primary on sunday. kids are too funny.

* talking with my mom. she read her christmas present to me, which was a photo book with quotes from my nephew G. we were laughing so hard! my favorite was this:
   brother R2: alright, G, i'm gonna show you how a super hero kisses his girl.
   he takes his wife in his arms, dips her down and totally lays one on her while son, nephew G, watches.
   nephew G: so, i throw her down and slobber all over her face then?
mom and I were rolling on the floor.

* making baking powder biscuits and homemade honey butter for my roommate's nieces and nephews. all gone when i got home.

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C in DC said...

Some how, I think you're transitioning from "Miss Christine" to "Auntie Christine" in my house. :-)