Tuesday, January 10, 2012

things that made me smile last week

a day late and a dollar short. but better late than never...

* i stopped for a whole day this weekend and did nothing. i slept until my body said no more was needed. and it was wonderful.

* saturday morning i joined other members of my ward (congegration) and helped to clean our chapel. there is something extremely satisfying and soul filling about washing windows, and i washed every single window that i could reach without a ladder in our chapel. let the light come in, i thought.

* as i cleaned the chapel i listened to the book of mormon (not the musical) and it made my morning just that much more peaceful.

* spontaneous lunch date with a great friend.

* i love my friend MW and was so excited to take her to the new digs. she's now officially moved across the river and i'm super glad she's nearby.

* my boyfriend, josiah, has been extra clingy but i'm totally eating it up and loving it, as is he.

* it was 60 degrees plus on saturday. such a nice break from the cold.

* how YOU dumping today?

* talks with my brothers about life and electrical wiring. seriously, combine the knowledge of these boys and we've got it covered. they are some of the wisest men i know.

* cooking dinner for two.

* a photo of nephew B in bright blue underwear and a red super hero cape. apparently this has been his outfit of choice since receiving his christmas gift from a certain cool aunt who shall remain unnamed.

* one morning i woke up at 0444 with the thought that i needed to go running. at 0545 i met up with back on my feet and ran two miles in 17 degrees of bone chilling cold. the hot shower afterwards was heavenly.

* clean bed sheets. thick warm socks. navy sweats. uggs. cotton and lace nightgowns. candycane hot chocoloate. hand made quilts on my bed. good books. peach and mago salsa. homemade macaroni and cheese. smoked turkey. new pillows. a healthy body. cold water. hot showers.

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