Monday, October 22, 2012

things that made me smile this week

* sometimes you need a friend to kick you in the butt kindly encourage you to do what you know you need to do. my friend llm encouraged me to do something i've been prompted to for a while now, and because of her i did it this week and will keep doing it. thank you.

* myfitnesspal is a fun app and site. it's very motivating to see where i'm at and spend a little time thinking about how to take better of myself.

* wearing layers of clothing. i love fall and winter clothing. i enjoy feeling cozy and perfect layers of fun clothing items help me feel that way. plus, i wear fall clothing so much easier than summer clothing. oh, and boots!

* fall gardening is all about putting things to rest and beginning to look ahead. i may or may not have purchased a few more dozen daffodil bulbs. i can neither confirm nor deny this.

* downton abbey. love the writing and sets and acting of this show. can't wait for season 3 on pbs this winter. shirley mclaine and maggie smith on screen at the same time as grandmothers. brilliant!

* pumpkins. mums. leaves. apples. scarves. boots. jackets. long sleeves. colors. hot cider. cocoa. soups. snuggling into bed. slippers. thick socks.

* cool nights and warmer days.

* i love the first few weeks after general conference when it's still fresh in my mind. i keep going back and listening to or reading different talks again and again. i'm really captivated by el. eyring's talk on removing barriers to our relationship with god. it's so very good. read or watch it here.

* do you save phone messages from people you love, so you can listen to them again and again? i do. i love listening to the messages from my nieces and nephews. they just make me smile.

* i have this old-fashioned wind up alarm clock that certainly does its job in the mornings. it wakes me up better than any digital alarm. and i'm so not a morning person. (in writing this, i'm trying to convince myself that it's actually something for which i'm grateful...)

* the end of a reserve weekend.

* reading about this little experience here. all god's creatures...

* this tip on chip bag origami. very practical and easy.

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One said...

I lovely list. It makes me smile just to read it! Miss you! xo