Monday, October 1, 2012

things that made me smile

*dinner with the lls. love these women and their stories and insights.
*cross stitching the evening away. good music. and rain.
*dinner with a good friend who is back for one last hurrah before deployment. so good to spend time together.
*dirt under my fingernails. planting green things. mixing dirt. so good for my heart.
*josiah's adoration and impatience. love this dog and his fear of thunder.
*finding a quicker route to work.
*really bad days because they remind me of the really good ones.
*sound advice from my little brother. thank you.
*lds women's conference. what an amazing evening.
*living breathing running
*prayer. feeling Him listen and calm.
*homemade: applesauce almond cookies. chicken pot pie. stuffed peppers. spaghetti. lemon & herb talapia. can you tell i had fun cooking this week?
*holding a good friend's brand new little boy. he is the cutest, smallest little bundle of joy. it was such a special thing to see her and her new son.
*i pulled out my uggs for the first time this season. my feet were so warm and happy.
*doctor who with friends. i totally, totally cried.

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