Sunday, October 14, 2012

things that made me smile

* i went home last weekend to see my parents, and attend my great aunt's funeral. it was really nice to be home and spend time with my mom and dad and sister.

* spending the day with my mom and sister. we had so much fun and just enjoyed each other's company.

* my dad and i sat out on the front lawn and moved our lawn chairs as the shadows moved across the yard. we talked and threw apples for daisy dog to eat. it was really fun.

* lds general conference was amazing. what an uplifting weekend. 

* a friend got a job with my organization and it's been so fun to see her around at work. plus she totally helped me out on friday, by following me to mechanic shop and providing me peace of mind that i wouldn't be alone if my car pooped out on me. 

* so 13 years ago, i headed off on month-long orders to be onboard the USS Blueridge, and met the ship in brisbane, australia. i met a young woman from colorado, and we ended up becoming friends. over the years we kept in touch off and on, and reconnected recently on facebook. she is out here for a month working for my organization, so we had lunch last week and caught up with one another. it was as if no time at all had passed. it was so cool to see her here.

* slumber party with two lovely ladies. sometimes it's nice to imagine that i'm young and can survive without sleep... we had so much fun eating good food, being silly, putting on face masks, and talking. i love these lls.

* a baptism at church on sunday. i love baptisms so much. it's such a thrill to see the happiness and peace that people have when they're baptized. what a special time.

* sleep. lots of sleep.

* soup weather. i love making homemade soups. i have some good recipes to share this season.

* lovely sunday evening dinner with a great friend. thank you.

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