Sunday, December 30, 2012

things that made me smile

* being sick. yes, i was absolutely miserable, but it was nice to have a reason to just stop and rest and do nothing. i'm glad that i'm on the mend.

* friends and missionaries who helped me take care of josiah when i wasn't able to walk him. thank you all.

* reading good books and watching fun movies.

* crocheting hats. i'm having  fun figuring out new patterns. it's like putting a puzzle together sometimes or trying to translate a something. thankfully, even when i have completely messed up the pattern the hats have turned out okay. (i'll tell you about the hat project another time.)

* holding a bouncy baby boy at church. little m was so much fun and friendly. he has the best smile.

* skype is a wonderful thing. i felt so blessed to be able to watch two of my nephews open their christmas presents. it was almost as good as being there. they loved the bat cave and the littlest one singing the batman theme song was too cute. my sister has skype too now so that means i can see her family too.

* lots and lots of quiet time lately. it's been good for me.

* a birthday celebration with lovely ladies. what a fun night!

* christmas decorations and lights.

* talking with my mom almost every day when i was sick. thanks for checking up on me.

* hosting the church singles potluck. it was a lovely evening and having the house full of wonderful people really was fun.

* a friend who dropped off breakfast and christmas gift while i was sick, and even though he was having a hard time himself.

* singing in the christmas choir for church. i loved that we sang old, familiar carols that simply resonated the truest meanings of the season.

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